The Secrétariat

The Secrétariat général of the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal :

  • provides the custody service for office records;
  • offers consultation of office records and reproduction of public documents consulted;
  • issues true copies of Tribunal documents;
  • issues a subpoena to parties who are not represented by counsel;
  • offers an onsite or telephone service to inform you of:

    • the procedure for filing an application, a motion, an appearance, a notice of appeal or any other document pertaining to office records;
    • how the hearing will be conducted in your case;
    • the hearing dates;
    • the fees payable.

The Secrétariat staff will contact you rapidly.

Access to documents

In general, all office records are public and anyone may consult them onsite. Some records or documents may be confidential further to an order of the tribunal.

Copies of office records that are public may be obtained by requesting them in person at the Secrétariat. A fee will be charged for the photocopies.

If you wish to consult a record, please contact the Secrétariat to make an appointment.

Any person appearing before the Tribunal may request a copy of the recording of the hearing, at the person's own expense. If the person requests that the hearing be transcribed, the person is required, at the request of the Tribunal, to provide it with a copy of the transcription.

The fees for photocopies and for the reproduction of recordings are given in the Tariff of the TribunalThis link open an external website in a new window..